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What We Do:

Movement: Black Youth Abroad is a nonprofit organization that takes American youth of African descent, who have never traveled out of the country, on 10-day, cultural and educational trips to countries in Africa and to regions of the African diaspora.

Prior to embarking on a trip, students take a social justice oriented prep course that teaches them about the history, culture, and socio-economic dynamics of the country they will be visiting.  

The course and trip are provided at no cost.  


Movement: Black Youth Abroad is using travel as a mechanism to inspire a generation of global thinkers and leaders who are conscious of the social and economic issues that affect people of color around the world.  


We want to strengthen black communities in order to reduce social and economic inequality.  We believe a global perspective and adaptability are essential to success in today’s global economy. There is still a tremendous gap between black wealth and the wealth of other ethnic groups in the United States, so we provide the trip for free to ensure that cost is not a barrier to seizing this opportunity.  

We ensure that the youth who travel with us are socially and culturally aware while abroad. It does not serve us well to be a continuation of the imperialist and culturally insensitive mindset that often besets Western travelers.  

We aim to develop a global consciousness around issues that affect people of color all over the globe. We endeavor to accomplish this by helping black youth to connect with other youth in Africa and the diaspora, and to help them share meaningful experiences.  

We encourage participants to continue to travel and to use the perspective they have gained from our program to lead in their communities. Furthermore, we aim to support and uplift them in their future endeavors in the best way we can.